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In House News

All In House division schedules and results as of May 15 are now posted.  To access, click on the In House Division 2022 tab at the top of this page.

Helpful Hints for Parents

Below are some helpful hints that will answer many of your questions.

Please read before you register

Important Dates

T-Ball Opening Day - Saturday, April 30

Minor & major Hardball Start - Week of May 2

Coaches Pitch Start - Week of May 9

Picture Day - TBD

Holidays - No games Memorial Day weekend (May 27, 28, 29 & 30).  No games 4th of July weekend (July 1, 2, 3 & 4)

Days of the Week Divisions Play

T-Ball - Plays Saturday mornings from 9:30-11:00

Coaches Pitch - Most games are played on Monday's and Wednesday's.  Please note:  Teams will no longer play doubleheaders.   There will be two games per night on each field, but with four different teams.  Game times would be either 6:00 or 7:15.  But, teams will play only one game per night.

Minor Hardball - Most games are played Monday's and Wednesday's.  Game times 6:00

Major Hardball - Most games are played Tuesday's and Thursday's.  Game times 6:00


T-Ball - The league supplies a cap and shirt for all players.  These are all that is required for players for games.  Batting helmets are also supplied by the league.  There are no pant or sock requirements for T-Ball.

Coaches Pitch, Minor Hardball & Major Hardball - The league supplies shirts and caps for all players.  In these divisions, all players will be required to wear solid gray baseball pants.  The league does not supply pants.  They must be baseball pants, not sweats or another type of pants.  Please note:  Any player not in accordance with these guidelines will not be permitted to play in the game.  If a player loses or misplaces any part of his uniform, including the cap,it is the parent's responsibility to replace it.  The MLB cap can be found online at  These uniform guidelines will be strictly enforced.

Socks: A lot of players wear their pants to the top of the shoe.  Parents will have the option of buying socks from the league when they register for a cost of $5.  If your child wears pants to the shoe, you will not be required to buy socks.  But, if they prefer some sock to show, parents will be required to buy socks from the league.  If you decide to purchase socks from a store, they must match the socks ordered by the league in the official color of the team.  This rule does not apply to T-Ball players.

Equipment:  In T-Ball, the league supplies bats and batting helmets for all players and they are part of the equipment bag given to the coach.

For Coaches Pitch, Minor Hardball & Major Hardball:  Catcher's equipment is provided by the league.  However, due to Covid regulations, players will be required to have their own batting helmets and bats.  Batting helmets must have the NOCSAE  logo imprinted on the helmet and have double ear flaps.  Particular colors and style are not required.  Parents and players choice.

Bats:  In T-Ball, the bat must state "T-Ball" or "For T-Ball Use" or something along those lines.

For Coaches Pitch, Minor Hardball & Major Hardball:  Barrel width limit is 2 5/8" max.  Bats must carry the "USSSA Baseball 1.15 BPF" logo, or have the "USA Baseball" logo.  There are no limits an the length/weight ratio.

Covid Guidelines at Maplewood

 Covid 19 guidelines will be updated and posted in April 2022


2022 In House Division Schedules

All In House Division schedules are now posted.  Click on the

In-House 2022 tab at the top of this page to find your child's division schedule.

To Contact Puritas Baseball

To contact Puritas Baseball, please call 216-862-7618, or e-mail us at